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Real Estate Covid-19 News

Staging is important in getting top dollar

How to Market Your Home During Covid-19 

Want to sell your home during the COVID pandemic? Don't worry; we are here to help you. 
The unprecedented situation of the global pandemic and the lockdown after multiplied the home selling complexity manifold. More buyers and fewer sellers are available now; that's why the article content aims to simplify and educate all the parties to the home sale deal.   
After interpreting the problems associated with the rented houses, migration, and pandemic issues, buyers think of buying a place closer to their workplace. This can ease their commuting, save time and money, and be safer than remote off locations requiring public transportation.
We all know a selling house is an event that needs to be planned ahead of time. Due to the pandemic, make sure you approach the real estate agent beforehand; also, be ready with a backup plan because of the likely recession and slow down of the economy. There may be circumstances where you will have to rely on your salary and savings, which may be in doubt.
Staging Your Home for Selling

Stay-at-home orders have necessitated the usage of technology in selling a home in COVID- 19, and this scenario is an altogether new experience for everyone. Those who want to sell their home at the best prices during this time should follow the below-suggested strategies:- 
1) Create Appeal - Buyers like beautiful and serene houses on the inside and outside. Clear the clutter and keep space organized by placing the right furniture in the right place.
2) Upgrading the Landscape - Just a sparkle of change here and there will give a makeover to your home for sale, which will create appeals from the buyer. You can go for a little bit of paint coating, uncluttered your unwanted things. Adding a little bit of personalization will go a long way.

3) Let the Professionals Take Over - a professional can make your house more appealing to the buyer. Hire a professional to make sure your home is buyer ready before a home showing is arranged. 
4) Get Some Advertising Done - Being at home in the pandemic brought an added advantage to the social media platforms. People are surfing day in and day out, so use it to your advantage. Please post virtual tours on various online media so that your property gets noticed.

You can also hire a professional advertiser, though it may look a little bit expensive, but believe it; it brings a 5% return on it. Isn't it great?

Or, you can go for putting a signboard on your property.

That doesn't work during COVID- 19 when people are forced to stay at home. 
A Quick Guide for Virtual Tours
Technology can come in handy whenever you need it. When you are making a virtual tour of your home to promote home selling, make sure to go for virtual reality and augmented tools to keep your buyers engaged and interested.

The virtual reality sector is gaining pace in the recent decade due to the achievements it is making. Due to the lockdown all over the world, it has become more popular, 
Tips for a Pleasant Virtual Tour 
Here are some tips for your house to make your virtual tour worth watching:-

  • Let the Day Be - Open up your curtains, doorways, make sure you shoot during the day time. Let the sunshine provide a clear picture to the buyer about your house.
  • Shooting From The Right Spot - Owing to the corona virus pandemic, buyers want a virtual tour and not a physical one, so make sure you make it worthwhile. Shooting it from the right place is of prime importance for a pleasant virtual tour experience. Make sure all the walls can be visible. Classy furniture will add up to it.
  • Listing Photos - No matter how great your house looks or how serene it is. It won't attract potential buyers until and unless you have listed some great pictures for it; make sure to take photos from the right angle and the right spot to ensure images appear clear and brighter.
  • Let the Professional Do It - There are great professionals around who can click great pictures and photographs of your house. You can hire them to get a better vision of your home and make the virtual tour worthwhile.

Tips To Follow While Putting Your Home on Sale
  • Want to make your house look bigger and better, match the decor with the free area.
  • Remove any kids' toys or things from the living room that will distract the buyer.
  • Clean the outside, make sure to cut the grass short, and keep your pool area clean if you do have it.         
  • Attach natural things that will provide the buyer with a natural feel, such as a birdhouse, a small table in your backyard garden, etc.·        
  • It's believed that white color attracts potential buyers. It adds a certain kind of peace and calmness to it, making sure to have white painted walls to draw the potential buyers.
  • Try to use some fancy items such as a cookbook, polished utensils and drawers, clean windows with a natural background, a teapot to make sure your buyers feel fun, and a family spot to settle in.
  • Renovate your tiles; clean and polished windows would provide you with an added advantage.

Pricing a Win-win

The number of potential buyers is fewer due to the pandemic. So, it is of prime importance to price your house right. Make sure to have an estate professional who will find the correct price for your home by doing proper research. It should be a win-win situation for both- the buyer and the seller. Keep in mind to price it slightly higher than the price as it will allow you to go for parleying.

Selling your home during the pandemic can be a confusing and stressful task. But, if done in the right way, it would bring you returns that you didn't imagine. Make sure you take extra precautions while selling your house during the pandemic by following the social distancing restrictions.

Happy Selling!


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